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Whether you want to strengthen your core, lose a little belly fat or just want to challenge yourself, a 30 day ab challenge is always a good idea!


  1. Posted by kayteysimpson, — Reply

    Guys trust me this really does work, I haven’t changed anything except I’m doing this every night. I’m on day 9 and I can see and feel a big difference in my appearance!!!!

  2. Posted by 22garrettl, — Reply

    hey, this actually works! I was 160 pounds and im down to 134.5 pounds! the distance around my belly was 37 inches and im now 33!

  3. Posted by P_Pikey, — Reply

    update: Just finished day 3. I had good progress... than I ate 4 oreo cookies and a few chocolate chips. THERE WAS AN URGE. It set me back so im now doing hip hop abs every night and this in the morning. Im almost back already! PS already loss 2 pounds in 4 days with the extra workout!

  4. Posted by Chantille24, — Reply

    Ok all these people saying it works actually makes me skeptical. Like are those just fake accounts or bots? Regardless I am going to try this workout. Lol

  5. Posted by michaela7292, — Reply

    also remember diet plays a big part in getting a flatter stomach if that’s your goal. obviously shouldn’t eat cake everyday and expect something

  6. Posted by P_Pikey, — Reply

    Day 22> I'm so close to finishing! It's been a looong journey but my waist went down 6 inches. I think I'm going to continue this workout and keep working. A good motivation song I listen to is Elevate who will you become by fearless motivation.

  7. Posted by lara_hodges, — Reply

    Okay I don’t want to repeat everyone else’s comments, but did you all seriously lose weight after doing this?? Like after the full thirty days, how much weight did you lose?

  8. Posted by olive07777, — Reply

    Okay so I’m doing this twice in the morning and twice at night along with some 16/8 fasting (fast from 8:00 pm to 12:00pm) edit: what are diamond sit-ups

  9. Posted by Katelynnapril, — Reply

    I believe it works but I’m struggling with the eating portion. Any recommendations on what to eat throughout this 30day challenge 😭

  10. Posted by 25aldeswarte, — Reply

    Does this work only by itself or do you have to do it twice a day, double the amount of exercises etc..? (I don’t know if that makes sense)

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