Finally!! a photo of Jennifer Anniston without makeup!


Finally!! a photo of Jennifer Anniston without makeup!


  1. Posted by kidosmom, — Reply

    Makeup and fixed hair is always a plus. To bad they have to do that to actors and pick the worst pic they can find. She is a very pretty lady.

  2. Posted by bekxavier, — Reply

    Essa foto nem é dela sem maquiagem. Inclusive ela está de maquiagem pra fazer uma personagem que sofreu um grave acidente de carro. A cicatriz é falsa. O q mostra como ela é bem menos preocupada c a aparência que vcs. E outra, é super fácil achar foto dela sem maquiagem pq ela quase n usa no dia a dia. Linda do mesmo jeito

  3. Posted by victoria0726, — Reply

    That is from a movie where she has been in a bad car accident! Seriously you can’t be serious

  4. Posted by dianaluna0108, — Reply

    Pelamorrrr!!! Vão arranjar coisa melhor pra fazer!!! Ela continua DIVA e vc quem é?! Um ninguém

  5. Posted by milly2646, — Reply

    thats from a movie she did, so technically she is still wearing makeup

  6. Posted by whitneynm02, — Reply

    That's from a movie you head asses.

  7. Posted by effoph2, — Reply

    And without her hair covering the masculine jaw it has

  8. Posted by ellakim4, — Reply

    Fake News!! The bad pic is from a movie scene. 🙄

  9. Posted by myamcphail, — Reply

    What happened to the side of her face Or is that maleup

  10. Posted by fijit, — Reply

    Not so hot...

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