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Are you having a bad day at work? Well, here are the top 44 funny pictures with captions that will


  1. Posted by kmadrnkov, — Reply

    I needed to read this three times and have a brief moment to check if I'm not having a stroke because I couldn't figure out what language this was

  2. Posted by mspiggy2007, — Reply

    I died inside knowing the die died because I didn’t even know die could die and especially while the dead die was pregnant with a baby die but what happens when the baby die dies???

  3. Posted by MyGreatestDreamLife, — Reply

    say this ten times as fast; People gasp & often ask If such a task Can harm the tongue or bust a lunge or make a person highly strung I really rather doubt it, unless of course, you shout it.

  4. Posted by sestrada10114, — Reply

    i was so confused this is basically how they COULD HAVE explained it: first you get a game and it comes with a die. eventually someone will throw it across the room. your die breaks. then you see a little blue thing under your original die. ITS ANOTHER DIE! and the person that threw it thanks the lord because they don’t have to buy another die

  5. Posted by spotonyouamericanchild, — Reply

    i read this three times and didn't get it until later so i looked it up again and i finally got it and i am so proud of myself for wasting an hour on this post

  6. Posted by The_Rabid_Trashman, — Reply

    Did I spend 30 minutes smashing a dice to pieces to see if this was real? Yes, yes I did. Does my hand hurt and is there pieces everywhere? Yes, yes there is. Was it worth it? Probably not.

  7. Posted by n0NAamE24, — Reply

    Maybe the die died bcuz theres another die inside the die. Now what if the second die dies then what, would there be a die in that die and a die in that one too??? Huh??

  8. Posted by sprazzal, — Reply

    But only the best die-manufacturers put a die in the die’s die so when the die dies you have a new die and when the die‘s die dies you have another die.

  9. Posted by Shelby_Lauren_Lock, — Reply

    But what happens when the die inside of the die dies? There will be another die within that die, so that he never dies, but I will make all the die die

  10. Posted by lukeyp00ky, — Reply

    Does the die that was in the die have die within the die that was in the first die to create a perpetual cycle of die within the die?

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